Natural Camo Face Paint is the FIRST formulated roll on face paint to be introduced to the hunting industry. The roller ball applicator makes for quick, easy application in the field or stand. Apply a single color(s) in a striped pattern or be creative and layer colors for a full camouflage effect. The formula has also been created for quick and easy removal with just water and a towel!


SKU: NC005
  • The camo dries to a matte finish and will make shiny, waxy, and hard to remove camouflage face paint ancient history. So enjoy your hunting experience the natural way without any vision loss from a face mask.  After you do, we are sure you will agree that Natural Camo is the only available natural skin coverage source. Also come swith a quick, convenient, bio-degradable towels in a tablet form. Just add water, unfold and you have a instant towel.

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