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Beard oil is a type of beard conditioner that is considered beneficial to growing and maintaining all types of beards. Applying beard conditioner to the beard after washing is believed to moisturize the skin and hair, preventing facial dandruff and itching, and it's also believed to help control unmanageable beard hairs and soften the texture of the beard.

RAEJAK Beard Oil 50ml

SKU: ce_bo11
  • Apply 2-4 drops of beard oil in your palm. Spread it on both palms and between your fingers. Apply evenly throughout your beard and massage into your skin.

    • Deep Woods - (great when hunting) a mixture of forest scents
    • Musk - mild & soft masculine fragrance
    • Red Wood - rich, sweet, woody exotic aroma
    • Smoke - smokey warm spice with a subtle musk overtone


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